This Looks Vegan

This Looks Vegan represents the UK supermarket vegan. Veganism for beginners. This Looks Vegan believes that veganism can be quick, simple and accessible.

This Looks Vegan logo

This Looks Vegan

Hassle Design branded This Looks Vegan. The identity includes a logo, graphic device, colour palette and simple website. This Looks Vegan’s Instagram page reached 5,000 followers within six months. The account is used to post UK supermarket vegan and ”accidentally vegan” products. Hassle Design produced content promoting a vegan lifestyle. Hassle Design developed the bold minimal colour palette and serif typeface to disrupt This Looks Vegan’s follower’s photographic Instagram feed. The website includes a supermarket product catalogue and select highlights from the Instagram feed. The website’s UI user interface is dominated by 100% viewport headers and minimal CSS animations.

This Looks Vegan on iPad
Seitan is wheat gluten
Peter Dinklage vegetarian quote
Gorillas are mainly herbivorous
Jenna Dewan vegan quote
This Looks Vegan rainbow
Albert Einstein vegetarian quote
Tofu is made from coagulated soya milk
Paul McCartney vegan quote
Gelatine is not vegan

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